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This project is one of the prestigious projects executed for the Client-AAM which was an added value to the beauty of Al Ain City and to the Local Residents.
The project is consisted of internal roads 44,500m along with the infrastructure works and services out of which are as follows:
  A. Sanitary Drainage and Storm Water Drainage
  B. Potable Water Network (for AADC)
  C. Relocation and Protections to the Existing Services
  D. Street Light Network and Irrigation Network
  E. Road Works including pavements, cycle track…etc.
  F. Soft and Hard Landscaping Works and Outdoor Play Equipments


This project was one of the prestigious executed work at high standard of quality and safety for the new Female Campus of UAE University (in Al Ain) which was built on a plot of land that measure well over 300,000 square meters and consisted of various discipline.
The scope of works included the execution of:
  A. Road works for internal/external roads, parking areas and walkways around the campus.
  B. Storm water network and sanitary sewerage network
  C. Boundary walls, Guard houses, fences, security gates and control system.
  D. RCC water reservoirs for irrigation and steel reservoir for fire fighting.
  E. Hard and soft landscaping, water features, retaining walls, sports facilities, shading canopies and street light network…etc.
  F. Works for Service Authorities including electrical and power network
  G. Upgrade to the existing pumping stations

Development of Road Network for Improvement of Traffic Movement in Al ain Phase (I) Contract (3):

The project Phase (I) –Contract (3) consisted of construction of Two Underpasses along with the related road works, protection/diversions to existing services, pumping station at each underpass, concrete structure works, hard landscaping decorative clay ceramic for underpass, irrigation network and soft landscaping works.

Upgrading the Traffic Movement and Intersections in Central Area of Al Ain :

The project an added value to Al Fahjan Est. which was a major challenge too.

The scope of the Project has involved the following:

  A. Removal and relocation of existing Services at the six (6) Roundabouts
  B. Removal of six (6) No. existing Roundabouts and construction of controlled sections.
  C. Execution of new parking lots, improvements on footpath and construction of new traffic signals system.
  D. Assorted paving blocks, tiles and pedestrians crossings
  E. Decorative street lighting, traffic signals network and ancillaries
  F. New irrigation network and soft landscaping

Dualling And Improvement Of Traffic Safety of Al Ain – Nahil Road:

The project encompassed the construction of the following:
  A. Underpass works (New & Extension to existing)
  B. Earthworks, Road and Paving Works
  C. Street Lighting Works and Irrigation Works
  D. Protection works for Dolphin and other Services
  E. Drainage system and Box Culverts

Internal Road in Al Ain Stage (15):

The scope of work included roads, street light, storm water works, sanitary drainage, services to Authorities and pavement works…etc.
  A. Rehabilitation of the pump station at Al Salamat for effluent treated sewerage water including laying of uPVC pipe pumping lines Ø 400, related uPVC pipe up to 315mm (t Ain Al Faydah and at Al Salamat in Al Ain
  B. Additional works for side slopes against errosion/landslides…etc at Emirates National School (Total 9,347,809 sq.m) at total value of Dh 1,430,585.

Dualling Al Ain / Al Wagan / Al Qua’a Road – Contract (3):

The project encompassed the construction of the following:
  A. Construction of approximately 28 Km of Dual Carriageway
  B. Construction of Emergency Crossovers and Construction of Service Roads
  C. Construction of Vehicular Underpass
  D. Construction of Surface Water drainage Work and Construction of Side Slope Protection